Aging & Chronic Illness

Wake up earlier as we age

As we grow, our sleep patterns will change. As we got older, as does our body which means staying up until 2am is not going to be as easy. Because of this, as we age, we will go to bed earlier and therefore wake up earlier than we would when we were younger. Waking up early is also linked to the fact that older people are more prone to adapting sleeping disorders.

Feel more secure as we age

Many studies have been carried out through time to determine how our insecurities develop with our age. It was discovered that, as we get older, we begin to feel more comfortable in our skin and finally start to truly love and accept ourselves.

Beware of depression

Those who have to deal with chronic illnesses are more likely to long-lasting depression. This is because, dealing with a chronic illness can create a series of negative emotions due to the sudden change in our life. These negative emotions will quickly manifest themselves into depression, if not treated.

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