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How Yoga Can Help Treat Medical Conditions

Don’t look at yoga as a pseudo exercise that only women partake-in.

Yoga’s ability to induce stretching, deep breathing and stretching into a person’s daily routine is more powerful than you can imagine.

This is because yoga seems so basic, we think the solution must be complex, and so we resort to exploring supplements, fad diets, and other complex solutions.


The science shows how yoga can improve quality of life in many different dimensions, including stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and many more.

We’re about to uncover why you need to seriously consider adding yoga into your daily or weekly routine.

Let’s dive right in.

Why should you take yoga serious?

Essentially, if you do not to do yoga, you are likewise refusing all the possible health and mental benefits accompanied by it. 

However, if you used to do yoga on a regular basis, and was forced to stop because of some reason, your body will respond to this depending on the type of yoga that you practice.

For instance, if you practice a vigorous type of yoga, the tendency is, you muscles may grow larger and may turn into fat, once you completely give your routines up.

How does yoga effect your brain?

The benefits of yoga are not limited in the bodily aspects, but also in the mental aspect as well.

Research from the International Psychogeriatrics shows that meditation and yoga can influence the structure of a person’s brain. 

The before and after effects of yoga in a person’s brain have shown that a person’s attention, self-related thoughts, and awareness has changed and increased.

memory nootropics

The prevalent reason behind this is because the hippocampus or the part of the brain that is in charge of memory and learning has increased the density of its gray matter. 

Also, people who regularly practice yoga are found to have a larger size of right insula, which is the part of the brain that is in charge of body awareness.

How can yoga help with muscle recovery?

Generally, most bodybuilders are found to have tight muscles and lack flexibility. 

While they may be able to flex their muscles, most of them lack flexibility.

This often leads to serious hamstrings and back injuries that can occur at any moment.

Body builders should practice yoga because it gives them the ability to target certain muscle groups that don’t usually respond well with regular training exercises. 

It also helps them to use their muscles more efficiently, even without shutting down as a result of stretched tendons.

Looking for a way to incorporate yoga into your daily routine, from the comfort of your home, while getting a massage?

For those who can afford one, a massage chair is a great health investment which will last you 5 to 15 years depending on which massage chair you choose.

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How can yoga help treat diabetes?

The promising benefits of yoga involves the treatment and prevention to the infamous disease, diabetes. 

Several studies have supported that yoga and other meditation helps in the reduction of hyperglycemia, which is caused by stress, and it was also proven to have numerous positive effects on a person’s blood sugar levels.

hot yoga

Proper stress management is considered as one of the key treatments of diabetes. 

This is because, when we are stressed, our blood sugar level is elevated, which leads to a lot of serious health complications like heart disease.

Read more on why those with diabetes need to be be aware of how environmental toxins are impacting their quality of life. 

How has yoga helped treat carpal tunnel syndrome?

yoga carpal tunnel syndrome

According to Bill Reif, a physical therapist and author of the book “The Back Pain Secret”, those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or any wrist complications should avoid motions that extends or challenges the wrist. 

Instead, it is advisable to practice stretching, proper shoulder alignment, strengthening of neural glides and upper extremities through yoga to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Moreover, according to a study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the practice of yoga is helpful in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is because it involves strengthening, relaxing and stretching the wrist.

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