Sleep Hypnosis And The Crucial Importance Of Sleep

Wondering why sleep is so important, how many hours of sleep you need, or what you can you do take your sleep-game to the next level?

We’re about to learn about the powers of sleep hypnosis and remind you why sleep is so important.

Let’s dive right in.

How does sleep hypnosis work?

sleep hypnosis

Sleep hypnosis is considered one of the most effective ways to help sleep.

It is a relaxation technique that occurs through phrases that affect the listener’s subconscious, to induce deep sleep.

It can be done in a special hypnotherapy session

It can also be done through a recording, where the specialist will be a guide to provoke the trance towards the person’s restful sleep.

This hypnosis basically frees the person from his conscious mind, where his worries and distractions lie, to let out the subconscious mind.

Why do you need 8 hours of sleep?

We have been taught that the perfect number of hours to sleep is 8, but this is not a random number.

There are studies that show that sleeping less than eight hours can have harmful effects on our health.

how does sleep hypnosis work

When we sleep little, we mainly experience memory, fertility problems, our immune system, and our heart health is affected.

Lack of sleep will not allow our brain to create new memories, our immune system will weaken.

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It’s now easier for us to get sick more often, and we will be more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack.

And also, in men, it will affect the quality of their sperm.

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How can sleep help with weight loss?

There is a direct relationship between lack of sleep and weight gain.

For this reason it is so important to sleep well in order to lose weight. 

Studies have shown that people who have a short sleep are more than fifty percent more likely to be obese.

In fact, lack of sleep is related to weight gain, because the amount of sleep affects the diet.

This meant that despite eating healthy a person can continue to gain weight if they do not get enough sleep.

sleep hormones

When a person sleeps less than 7 or 6 hours, they can produce the hormones leptin and ghrelin.

Read more on this 2010 meta analysis:

Leptin and ghrelin give a feeling of dissatisfaction after eating and lead to overeating.

Also those who sleep less often show insulin and glucose levels that are similar to those of a diabetic person.

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Gaining control of your nutrition combined with getting sufficient sleep will do wonders for your body and mind. 

How is sleep beneficial for your skin?

A good sleep will mean less aged skin.

When we sleep very little, we generate the stress hormone, called cortisol, which at high levels produces inflammation in the body.

This will then lead to damage of the state of our skin.

sleep skin care

In addition, there are studies that indicate that as a result of low quality sleep we can develop atopic dermatitis problems.

This will force us to scratch our skin even at night due to skin irritation.

When we sleep the appropriate hours, our skin will do the recovery and regeneration process effectively. 

This makes good sleep the most important secret for the beauty of our skin.

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What to consider when looking for a bed?

In recent years, the technology that helps you sleep better has expanded. 

However, the biggest innovation in sleep is definitely the one that some mattresses use to make people sleep better.

The innovation in these mattresses is due to their memory foam material, which generates an experience based on the science of sleep.

In addition, they are perfect for maintaining adequate breathability at night and for your body to quickly adapt to a perfect posture. 

The most interesting thing is that this material has the ability to adapt to the temperature of our body; which will make our rest as comfortable as possible.

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