Science Shows Chiropractics Can Help With Back Pain

A scientific study published on NCBI showcases the benefits of Chiropractic Care through Evidence-Based Practices.

Chiropractic care is known to be one of the most effective ways to diagnose and treat health issues that affect the joints, bones, muscles, and the nerves of your body.


How can chiropractic help with back pain?

According to chiropractic care, the overall health and well-being of an individual depend on the spine alignment.

With a special focus on spinal alignment and manipulation, this treatment method effectively manages back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common and enfeebling ailments that many people have to deal with nowadays.

As mentioned above, spine realignment is performed using spinal manipulation. 

This manipulative therapy blends moving and jolting joints, physical therapy, exercise, and massage.

This approach lowers inflammation, relieves joints pressure, and enhances nerve function to help your body control and manage your back pain.

How can chiropratic care help you?

Low back pain saw the best benefits through chiropratic techniques, along with neck, mid back, headaches, extremity conditions and nonmusculoskeletal conditions. 

Chiropractic treatments can offer several benefits like:

  • It can help in recovering from the problem in a natural manner
  • It can reduce infections in the ear of children
  • It can help in improving the level of your immunity
  • It can reduce the problems in your digestive system
  • It can help in improving your sleep
  • It can reduce the problem of blood pressure, high or low, in your body
  • It can improve the balance of your mind and body after a personal injury
Read more on the health benefits of sleep and learn what you need to do to improve your deep sleep quality.

Low Back Pain

Chiropractic care is exceptional when it comes to treating lower back pain.

Through techniques such as spinal manipulation, acute and chronic lower back pain can find relief.

Pinching of nerves which run through your vertebae is a common source for many of the back pains which chiropractic care can help treat.

Neck Pain

neck pain

Spinal manipulation has also shown to be effective for treating neck pain, similar to low back pain.

In many cases, a combination of spinal manipulation, massage and exercise have been the key ingredients to accelerate the recovery of your bodily pains.

Mid Back Pain

When it comes to mid back pain, the evidence was not conclusive on the effectiveness of thoracic spinal manipulation.

This is because there have been minimal studies conducted to examine the effectiveness of chiropractic care for treating mid back pain. 

Why does there seem to be a deficit in studies to examine mid back pain?

A majority of patients need relief with lower back and neck pain.

Despite the lack of conclusive evidence, chiropractic care has still shown to be promising for treating mid back pain.



That’s right, chiropractic care can help with your headaches and migraines!

Through the use of spinal manipulation, migraines and cervicogenic headaches can be treated.

What are cervicogenic headaches?

A cervicogenic headache is a pain that persists in the neck and can be caused by an underlying condition, such as neck injuries, infections, or severe high blood pressure.

Extremity Conditions

What are extremity conditions?

Extremity conditions are pains associated with the limbs of your body.

This typically refers to your arms and legs.

Chiropractic care has been shown to help treat pains at extremity joints, including:

  • Shoulder girdle pain
  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Lateral epicondylitis
  • Hip and knee osteoarthritis
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis

Nonmusculoskeletal Conditions

chronic stress

Cervicogenic dizziness has been linked with positive evidence to spinal manipulation.

Other nonmusculoskeletal conditions have no demonstration of positive effects through the use of chiropractic care.

These nonmusculoskeletal conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Pneumonia
  • Stage 1 Hypertension
  • Pre-menstrual Syndrome
  • Nocturnal Enuresis
  • Otitis Media

How can you get a chiropractic massage?

Chiropractic massages provide a strong deep tissue massage experience which can help with:

  • Loosening-up tight knots in your muscles
  • Improve circulation and blood flow to massaged areas
  • Enhance muscle recovery by easing inflammation on nerves pinched in-between joint

Massage chairs are excellent solutions for providing deep tissue massages right from the comfort and luxury of your home.

Search for the best massage chair with chiropractic programs, designed to provide focused relief on the spine and entire upper, middle and lower back of the users.

strong deep tissue massage

The benefits of massages have been well-documented amongst the scientific community.

Many studies on NCBI find massages can be an effective tool for people looking for the instantaneous short-term relief.

Further research has been recommended to find stronger correlations on using massage for low-back pain to show statistically significance findings. 

Does Medicare cover chiropractic?

Medicare covers the chiropractic services only for correcting the subluxation by manipulating the spine manually. 

When one or more than one spinal bones go away from their original position then it is called a subluxation of the spine.

This chiropractic treatment is covered by medical insurance of Medicare Part B in case it has been declared medically compulsory and the treatment is provided by a qualified chiropractic service provider. 

However, if you want to have more coverage of chiropractic treatment in Medicare then you will have tip opt for Advantage plan of Medicare.

Consider exploring the acupuncture care if you are looking for additional coverage through Medicare.

Be advised that Medicare will cover acupuncture for chronic low-back pain.

What to expect from your first chiropractic visit?

When you approach a chiropractor with a health issue, he/she will ask you about your current health issue, health history, and treatment objectives.

Questions are also asked about your past illnesses or injuries, medicines you are taking, lifestyle, diet, sleep habits, mental stress, exercise, and use of alcohol and smoking.

Explore how meditation can combat stress, anxiety and insomnia along with contacting health professionals to help ensure you are on the right track to healing your body. 

Under normal circumstances, the first encounter lasts between 30 to 60 minutes. 

After creating a clear idea about your health, the chiropractor will perform a physical exam. 

It includes assessing your spinal mobility, examining blood pressure, and taking X-rays (if needed).

In most cases, the treatment starts with the first or second visit. 

You need to lie on a specially designed table where the chiropractor performs the spinal manipulations. 

The number of treatment sessions you need to attend depends on the severity of your health issue.

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